За нас

We’re a company that aims to deliver the highest possible quality of goods and services to our customers.

We believe that highly motivated individuals inside an organization, which are content and satisfied within its working environment can contribute to continuous performance improvement of its targets.

These highly skilled, talented and goal-oriented professionals seek for themselves as well as for the organizations they work achievement of organization goals.

But the cornerstone of great achievements is to turn the group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team. This is the purpose of the widely known Team Building processes.

Sailing is one of the most inspiring, challenging and rewarding of all team building activities. Spend a day experiencing the pure exhilaration of sailing in the Aegean Sea. The environment changes constantly and teamwork is essential. What better way to strengthen bonds, challenge preconceived ideas and build trust in the workplace?

And because we strive for excellence we collaborate with the most well-known “Thanassis Baxevanis – Blue Aegean Sailing School” operating in the Gulf of Thessaloniki. It is an offshore sailing school founded in 2002. This is the biggest private sailing school in Greece devoted in the field of sailing training.