Holiday and corporate sailing events

Who we are

We are a company that strives to deliver the highest possible quality of goods and services to our customers.

The owners, Panos Karagianidis (left) and Yorgos Diamantopoulos (right) are experienced sailors with a skipper’s license since 2012. They have participated in regattas as well as racing in the Gulf of Thessaloniki and the Aegean Sea.

Sailing is one of the most inspiring, challenging and rewarding activities. Spend a day experiencing the pure exhilaration of sailing the Aegean Sea. The environment is constantly changing and teamwork is essential. What better way to strengthen relationships, challenge preconceptions and build trust while sailing?


Why yachting?

Sailing is one of the most inspiring, challenging and rewarding team building activities.

Through teamwork on the boat, which includes planning, decision making, problem solving, conflict management, you will recognize the full potential and functioning of each team member. In carrying out its activities, the participants get to know each other better by dealing with challenging situations.

Sailing is a sport of detail and nuance – the fastest boat around the course is often the competitor with the greatest attention to detail.

Strive for perfection!


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